Recognizing the critical role of parents, educators and caregivers in a child’s play and development, I aim to support and empower YOU with knowledge and practical strategies to enable the children in your life to reach their full potential.

Come learn HOW to embrace varying sensory preferences and needs

in your home, school and play context!

Come learn HOW to embrace a childhood filled with

magic, discovery, exploration, learning and joy - in other words, PLAY!

The PlayMore Courses are finally here!

"Anande spent 3 days at our special school for intellectually disabled children, teaching, nurturing and encouraging us on all things play related. She has been the springboard for the play adventure we are on now. It is such a pleasure to watch our children grown and develop through play - it is like watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon. Best of all - Anande is always availble to bounce ideas off, ask questions about what we are observing and give ideas on how to nudge children on in their play journeys. It has been a valuable investment to have Anande visit our school. I would encourage any school who wants to make play an important part of their programme, to invite Anande to come and train and equip you."

- Thuthukani Special School

"What a fantastic resource! Loads of very helpful resources that are quick and easy to access. I most appreciate how Anandé has translated her wealth of knowledge on childhood development into an accessible format with very manageable and practical ways for families to implement these crucial aspects of “play” into everyday life."


"Discovering PlayMore has been life-altering to our family. I felt clueless at times, not knowing where to find trustworthy advice on the challenges that our family faced. Anande's easy to follow, insightful Masterclasses gave me the knowledge and confidence to apply her guidelines at home. Our family has thrived ever since; having a calmer yet more interactive toddler that finally goes to sleep without any hassle - not to mention more relaxed parents! Anande, we are ever grateful to you!"


Hi, I’m Anandé Ferreira

a pediatric occupational therapist certified in Ayres Sensory Integration with 10 years experience supporting children and their families with a special interest in playfulness and sensory integration. A few other hats I wear include: speaker, guest lecturer, consultant, author and play enthusiast.

Upon completion of my Masters degree focused on playfulness, I presented my research at the World Federation of Occupational Therapy Congress and I have published in the Occupational Therapy International Journal. I am a guest lecturer in play assessments, playfulness and play interventions in the Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Cape Town. I run continued professional courses and workshops for qualified occupational therapists on these aforementioned topics as well.

Recognizing the critical role of caregivers in their child’s play and development, I aim to support and empower parents, caregivers, schools and organisations with knowledge and practical strategies to enable children to reach their full potential.

Come learn to trust in the process of play again and to amplify your child's potential!