The world is becoming increasingly specialist, yet we see children engaging in endless worksheets and structured activities at earlier and earlier ages.
Research continues to demonstrate that earlier is not better, with regards to endless worksheets and structured activities. This can stifle a love of lifelong discovery and learning, negatively impact their wellbeing and takes away time and opportunity to strengthen their developmental foundations. As adults we need to take a stand towards nurturing and celebrating the importance and magic of play, not fearing it.

What if you had a strength based and interest focused approach to childhood?

Move from frustration and uncertainty to

joy, freedom and content as you lean into the power of play.

STOP entertaining the "I'm bored" culture!
START to learn how to nurture the "I'm bored" space so that YOUR child can be a captain of their own play adventures as we support their unique strengths and full play potential.

Come learn HOW to embrace a childhood filled with magic, discovery, exploration, learning and joy - in other words, PLAY!

The PlayMore FearLess course is finally here!

You will get:

  • Video (mobile and desktop friendly) and audio only versions of each lesson (if you prefer to listen on the go)
  • 7 hours of content
  • Lifetime access
  • Free quarterly Live Q & A sessions - starting March 2023
  • 24 page Workbook including bonus Play Observation Outlines to support play adventures
  • Bonus: You will also receive 11 reflective pages to help you apply what you have learnt week by week
  • Bonus: Hour and a half The S-word Masterclass (Tips, strategies and intentionality when it comes to screen time)

You want to support play, but...

  • You are unsure of your role in supporting your child's free play or moments of joining in their play for connection.
  • You feel overwhelmed when your child struggles to come up with play ideas and constantly look to you for suggestions.
  • You (and your child) are exhausted by setting up activity after activity to occupy their time.
  • Your child struggles to sustain their independent free play so that you are able to engage in your own chosen activities or tasks.
  • You are spending hours searching for ways to keep your child busy.
  • You feel frustrated when expensive toys are being ignored.
  • You worry that play is not "educational" enough and that they will fall behind their peers.
  • You struggle to trust in the process of true play.
  • You are unsure of your child's unique play motivations, individual sensory preferences, 'just' right challenge and how this relates to a child-led approach.

Hi there, I am Anandé Ferreira

a pediatric occupational therapist certified in Ayres Sensory Integration with 10 years experience supporting children and their families with a special interest in playfulness and sensory integration. A few other hats I wear include: speaker, guest lecturer, consultant, author, cofounder of the Play Beyond 5 Summit and play enthusiast. 

Upon completion of my Masters degree focused on playfulness, I presented my research at the World Federation of Occupational Therapy Congress and I have published in the Occupational Therapy International Journal. I am a guest lecturer in play assessments, playfulness and play interventions in the Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Cape Town. I run continued professional courses and workshops for qualified occupational therapists on these aforementioned topics as well.

Recognizing the critical role of caregivers in their child’s play and development, I aim to support and empower parents, caregivers, schools and organisations with knowledge and practical strategies to enable children to reach their full play potential.

Come (re)learn to trust in the process of play again!

Imagine what your and your child's life will look like if...

  • Your child becomes a captain of their own play adventures.
  • You nurture your child's unique gifts, strengths and potential.
  • You understand your role in supporting, rather than dictating your child's play and free time.
  • You aren't reliant on structured activities, worksheets and screens to occupy your child's time.
  • A strong developmental foundation is built during the early years.
  • Authentic lifelong learning is supported.
  • Well-being is prioritised from the early years.
  • A childhood filled with discovery, exploration, learning and joy is embraced and celebrated.

'This course has in many ways given me the theoretical as well as practical confirmation that we simply can't go wrong by providing growing children with more time to play and explore their world in their own ways! I feel like it has given me the backing to support implementation of a more play based program in my ECD Centre and has given me renewed confidence in the way I parent! Highly recommended!'

- Marilet, Early Intervention Therapist and mom of 2
(3 & 5 year old).

'This course has really given me insight into what play really is and what its not. In our new world of media platforms parents can easily fall into a rabbit hole of the perfect playroom with the perfect toys that we think will then automatically encourage play but actually this can hinder a child's true form of play because the play is not child led but rather adult let with specific outcomes or ideas of how the play is supposed to be according to the adult. Once again the important thing is to observe my child and then give my child the freedom to be in charge of her own play.'

- Marquenette Goosen, Teacher and mom of a 3 year old.

'Play has always been important in our home, but now I'm even more determined to allow my children more free and independent play. Anandé makes it easy to understand why kids (and adults alike) should play more freely within their specific play needs and preferences. This course belongs in every home!'

- Anél, mom of five, three and one year old.

'I've been slightly obsessed with raising kids who enjoy and know how to play, and this course confirmed and elaborated on aspect of play far beyond what I was aware of. Knowing how to setup our play space, giving access to different ways of play, creating the necessary open spaces and using everyday materials really was very encouraging. The play schemas section was particularly interesting to me and I cannot wait to explore that a little more. The same day I worked through that section of the course my almost 8 year old was continuously hanging upside down on our jungle gym and it gave me an insight into why that may be happening and how to continue supporting what she is exploring. Absolutely valuable and I can highly recommend this course!'

- Hanneke Barlow, play enthusiast mom of three

Come join the Playmore Fearless course!
Tools and principles for lasting change as you embrace the power of play.

PlayMore FearLess Course Curriculum

  Welcome to the PlayMore FearLess course!
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  Week 1 - Play and Non-Play
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  Week 2 - The Play Transaction & Play Deprivation
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  Week 3 - Child Considerations
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  Week 4 - Child Considerations
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  Week 5 - The Caregiver Role in Play
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  Week 6 - Additional Play Considerations
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  Bonus Content
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